Team H2O - Allan Houston

Captain: Allan Houston

Event: Pebble Beach - National Finals

I know firsthand how a living donation saves lives. One of my best friends donated one of his kidneys to his wife and drastically improved her life. That’s why I am proud to partner with the National Kidney Foundation to help raise funds for the promotion of organ donation and kidney health. I will be joining hundreds of golfers from all over the U.S. at Pebble Beach on January 20th at the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic National Finals.

I will be playing one round of golf at the Pebble Beach and I am asking you to donate for each birdie I make. I will be posting on social media as I play and encourage you to join me by following along.

Any pledge amount, big or small, will support the life-saving organ donation and kidney health initiatives of the NKF and my foundation, the Allan Houston Legacy Foundation. Please click the green box to the right to pledge toward my Birdie Challenge or simply donate by clicking the orange button.

Together we can make a difference.

Sponsors to Date:




Jessica and Mark Mindich

$ 250

Go Team Houston!

Carol and Brad Asness

$ 250

Neil and Kim Augustine

$ 500

Off day might = no $ donation. Thus fixed the $.

Jodi/Mark Cafritz/Bronsky

$20 Pledged Per Birdie

Bets & Rod Miller

$20 Pledged Per Birdie

Felicia Horn

$20 Pledged Per Birdie

Thomas Moysak

$20 Pledged Per Birdie

Grace Hargrove

$10 Pledged Per Birdie


$ 5

Hope you play well and Raise Lots of Money!

Abby Aiello

$20 Pledged Per Birdie

Matt Kraus

$ 100

Thank you Allan!

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