About the NKF Birdie Challenge

The Birdie Challenge is a fun, new fundraising game from the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic.

With two clicks, you can ”challenge” your friends, family and colleagues to pledge for each birdie your team makes in your upcoming NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic.

Have some fun with your friends, pledge to your own team, challenge them to match your pledge.  Then go out and make some birdies! The more birdies you make, the more money raised for the National Kidney Foundation.

NKF GOLFERS - Start Your Challenge

Here's how:

  1. Search for your Team by using the search box below.
  2. Click 'Get Pledges' link next to your name and send a Birdie Challenge email to your friends, family and co-workers. An email is already created.

  1. Use the search tool below to find the team of your choice and make your NKF Birdie Challenge pledge.
  2. Or, donate directly to the National Kidney Foundation.

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